General Contracting

The importance and value of your time is not lost on SOLID General Contractors. Our project managers work within strict guidelines in reporting for both schedule and budget accountability. Scheduled site visits and meetings ensure that the progress of the project meets with your standards and expectations. Here at SOLID General Contractors you will find every building discipline as well as certified project managers. A strong core group of managers who understand the needs and roles of City Inspectors and Engineering officials has resulted in many successful project completions.

WE EXCEL in strictly governed areas such as medical centre's, long-term care retirement homes and Defense Construction Canada. Projects have included complete renovations of examination rooms and labs while maintaining the facilities fully operational.

LET US handle the paper work. Keeping accurate paper trails are a necessity in today's world. Our experience with the most rigid fields such as insurance companies, Government of Ontario and Ontario's Home Warranty Corporation has been beneficial to solving many complicated situations. Having us supply itemized cost breakdowns, test results, pictures and progress reports to the appropriate parties ensures that the burden of documentation throughout the project is never resting on your shoulders.

We are proud to have been of service to the following areas:

New Home Warranty Programs

We have been utilized for the identification, reporting and correcting of major warranty deficiencies.

Long-term Care, Retirement Homes and Medical Facilities

Our greatest asset when dealing with the delicate nature of this work is our staff. Our experience has honed in on our sensitivity to the clientele and also the strict discipline one must have to operate in a health conscious environment.

Defense Construction Canada

This portfolio includes renovations and upgrades to residential housing units for military personnel. Typical work would include: complete roof replacement, pouring new concrete and asphalt, replacement of major sewer and water lines, landscaping and complete interior finishes.

We are committed to the same attention to detail from the independent homeowner to the large national corporation.

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