Disaster Recovery

Through the years we have been developing our staff, suppliers and trades to accommodate the increasing need for a competent, large scale contractor. Through the contribution of many, we are proud to say that we have been successfully completing multi-million dollar restoration projects for several years now. We have always maintained a transparency when dealing with insurance appraisers and adjustors. Our philosophy is simple and no secret; we are delivering excellent service at a sincere price without headaches.

It's that simple.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends
in the Property Insurance industry for the trust they have put
in our staff and our work. We are truly humbled by the
recognition and the acceptance they have shown us.


Being on the preferred list of various prestigious insurance companies means that when disaster strikes, we are the trusted company that they turn to first. From fires, floods, explosions and structural integrity, maintaining an excellent track record is what sets us apart.


Unlike most companies, we do not claim to be able to do everything. Our acknowledgement of our inability to be everything to everyone has made us incredibly proficient and successful at the things we claim.


It is with calculated patience that we accept new clients and new projects.
A slow development of programs and relationships has ensured a SOLID foundation.

Everyone is insured and bonded, everyone is certified,
everyone has equipment;

But few have the right people in the right place.

Making a Solid Difference logo

Maybe we can't make a difference for all, but we can make all the difference for some.